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OISCA BULLTIN BOARD, since its first publication in June 1977, tells the anecdotes of what OISCANS ever encountered in their work. Readers are most welcome to explore the historical milestones over the 60 years of international grassroots cooperation.  

《A-Z》 — OISCA Chapters and Activity areas —
Afghanistan  ●Argentina   ●Azerbaijan  ●Bangladesh  ●Brazil  ●Cambodia  ●Ethiopia  ●Fiji   ●Honduras   ●Hong Kong   ●Indonesia   ●Inner-mongolia    ●Israel   ●Japan   ●Kenya   ●Korea   ●Malaysia   ●Mexico   ●Mongolia   ●Myanmar   ●National Council of OISCA and Alar in India   ●Nepal   ●North India   ●Pakistan   ●Palau   ●Palestine  ●Papua New Guinea   ●Paraguay   ●the Philippines   ●Taiwan   ●Thailand   ●Timor-Leste   ●Tonga   ● South India   ●Sri Lanka  ●the UAE   ●the USA   ●Uruguay   ●Uzbekistan