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  • 1960’s (Food First)
  • 1970’s (Grass Roots)
  • 1980’s (Love Green)
  • 1990’s (Children’s Forest Program)
  • 2000 onwards (Furusato Movement)
1961 OISCA International was established by former President Dr. Yonosuke Nakano in Japan.
1966OISCA dispatched Japanese experts for agricultural development in East Pakistan, now Bangladesh, and the Philippines after the to help mitigate the emergency food crises.
1960sFood First
1967he OISCA Training Centers were established in Japan to cater the agricultural trainees from the developing countries.
1969The OISCA Industrial Development Body (OISCA Japan) was registered with the Japanese government as a Non-Profit Foundation.
1970sGrass Roots
1976Ms. Yoshiko Nakano succeeded the Presidency of OISCA from the founding president, Dr. Yonosuke Nakano.
The first Asia Pacific Youth Forum for Community Development was organized in Thailand to emphasize the roles of the youth in the development of their own communities.
1977OISCA Agricultural Training Centers in Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines were established to promote the empowerment of the youth.
1980s”Love Green”
Triggered by the poor agricultural production and lack of awareness of the interrelationship of the forest and agriculture, OISCA launched the International Love Green Campaign to rejuvenate the denuded and degraded forests.
1986Commemoration of the 25th Anniversary of OISCA in the World NGO symposium in Tokyo, supported by the Japan Government, Asian Development Bank and the World Bank. Its Tokyo Declaration advocated a Tripartite Arrangement among governments, intergovernmental agencies and NGOs in international cooperation.
1989OISCA started dispatching Japanese volunteers to Asian countries to participate in planting trees in the mountain and coastal areas.
1991In celebration of its 30th Anniversary, OISCA organized a convention in Fukuoka, Japan, with the objective of encouraging the 18,000 participants to “Think about Mother Earth.”
On the same day, OISCA officially launched the Children’s Forest Program.
1993OISCA received the United Nations Earth Summit Award for Sustainable Development
1995OISCA was granted the Category I (General Consultative Status) by the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN-ECOSOC).
2007OISCA-International and Asia Development Bank signed two contracts to improve the quality of life of the victims of tsunami in Aceh, Indonesia.
2010Signing of Memorandum of Understanding between OISCA-International and United Nations Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity.
2011OISCA Japan obtained the new legal status as Public Benefit Corporation (PBC).
2011Aerial survey conducted to know the extent of the damage along the coastal areas of the Tohoku Region in Japan from the March 11 disaster and the discussion among the victims, local government, and forest experts on the role of OISCA to the recovery of the damaged coastal vegetation.
201625th Anniversary celebration of the Children`s Forest Program in Manila, Philippines.