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  • Activity Started:1996
  • Total Planting area: Magway Region, Mandalay Region

Our Story

OISCA signed a memorandum of understanding with the then Ministry of National Planning and Economic Development of Myanmar Government, and started activities from May of the same year with the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (former Myanmar Agricultural Service: MAS) as a counterpart and by dispatching Japanese technicians. Then, in July 1997, DOA-OISCA Agro-Forestry Training Center which became a base of activities opened.


The DOA-OISCA Agro-Forestry Training Center is conducting capacity building of rural youth leaders who would be able to contribute to the development of organic farming, livestock, poultry and food processing. It is also carrying out tree planting in the vicinity of the Center and environmental education in the harsh natural environment, and especially for residents in areas with a high poverty level, various projects such as livelihood improvement, micro credit and humanitarian assistance. Since the activities of the DOA-OISCA Agriculture and Rural Development Training Center which became the first base of operations, were highly appreciated by the Myanmar government and local residents, in order to deploy activities more widely in the country, DOA-OISCA Agriculture and Leadership Training Center was newly established as the second base in May 2017. At the second base, they are carrying out the development of human resources in the rural areas, and regional development and environmental conservation.

Capacity Development

Children’s Forest Program

Rural Development/Environmental Restoration

Activity Report