Speech Contest on Biodiversity and Environmental Conservation to commemorate OISCA International’s 60th Anniversary

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May 21, 2021

Speech Contest on Biodiversity and Environmental Conservation 

to commemorate OISCA International’s 60th Anniversary


Organized by OISCA International

Supported by the United Nations Convention of Biological Diversity Secretariat 

OISCA invites entries for Speech Contest on Biodiversity and Environmental Conservation from young people throughout the world. An applicant can send to OISCA Chapters in their countries or OISCA headquarters( email address=  gyf2021@oisca.org), 

(1) their speech text

(2) name

(3) age

(4) sex 

(5) email address

(6) country

(7) telephone number


Guidelines for the OISCA Global Youth Forum Speech Contest 2021

The theme of Speech: “Biodiversity and Natural Environmental Conservation”

The biodiversity loss and environmental deterioration are worsening. OISCA has engaged in a popular movement for ecological restoration and conservation. In commemoration of OISCA International’s 60th Anniversary, OISCA holds a Global Youth Forum – Young People’s Speech Contest and invite entries.


The speeches are delivered:

   in English (However, an applicant who can apply through the OISCA Chapters in their country can use their mother tongue)

         for roughly 3 minutes (but not more than 5 minutes) 

Categories for the entry:

  1. those less than 13 years old, 
  2. those from 13 years old – less than 18 years old, and 
  3. eighteen years and over (the oldest one in their thirties).

 Schedules and Procedures: 

By mid-June 2021:                      Entry is open to children and youth, including current OISCA activities participants and non-OISCA participants. Applicants submit their speech texts. Those who cannot locate OISCA Chapters in their respective countries, can send their English texts to OISCA HQ (email=    )

 By the end of June 2021:          Each OISCA Chapter or HQ selects the best one in each category and sends the text to the headquarters. The Chapters are responsible for translating the texts, if other than English, into English

 July 2021:                                     The headquarters send the texts sent in from different Chapters to the Committee Members, which select the best one in each category. The Chapters to which the chosen entries as the best belongs shall be responsible for videotaping the presentation, putting subtitles in English, and sending them to the headquarters.

 August 2021:                               At the Global Youth Forum Plenary Session presents the best one from each category. We invite all the applicants who entered the contest to the Global Youth Forum Plenary Session as participants. They join the discussion with other youth from different countries during the GYF.


Special Arrangements (incentives that encourage the entry):

We will award an electronic certificate to each one who enters the Contest. The OISCA headquarters is approaching the United Nations to connect with the Biological Diversity Convention Secretariat during the GYF. We will introduce the speeches by the winners to the UN. The headquarters recommend that each Chapter issue their original recognitions, awards, or prizes for meritorious entries after the screening in the Chapter. 

References – about the theme –

OISCA’s Furusato Movement is to make sustainable communities. Furusato could be small villages, provinces, countries, or Mother Earth, according to the participants’ perspectives. We want to invite presentations about views, opinions, or achievements from small villages to a bird’s eye view of the whole world.

We hope speeches will discuss either of the following two (or both):

Many people might regard the essentiality of biodiversity and natural environmental conservation from the very nature of things. Some of them study in-depth about biodiversity and stand to reason that protecting and rebuilding efforts are crucial for human beings’ benefits. However, other people may not be concerned with them or worrying about shrinking biodiversity; they are just indifferent or ignorant. We want to listen to persuasive arguments on the essentiality of biodiversity and the conservation of the environment from different perspectives.

Many people might believe in the crucial co-existence with nature and all living beings on Earth and efforts to prevent species extinction. And they engage in practical work to protect and conserve biodiversity and the natural environment. We want to hear their methods, working ways, and achievements in their particular local conditions and situations. Their activities rendering impact deserve replications where possible. We hope many other people learn from such successes and emulate them in their respective localities.