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  • Activity Started:1990

Our Story

The Ministry of Youth and Sports has set up the National Youth Training Center to help young people acquire the capacity to live, but in 1990, requested OISCA to help improve the center’s agricultural training section. In response, OISCA signed the memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Youth and Sports and started its activities in the country.

OISCA is carrying out various activities on Veti Levu Island as the main stage so that the residents of the country can develop sustainable areas. Specifically, in addition to agricultural training at the National Youth Center which is the base, OISCA is conducting the Children’s Forest Program (CFP) on the whole Veti Levu Island and mangrove planting along the coast of the island.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports, a longtime counterpart, has appreciated OISCA’s achievements and has renewed the MOU on cooperation. Besides this, OISCA has also received high praise from the Ministry of Primary Industries, Ministry of Education and local governments. Moreover, OISCA’s training graduates have formed OFETA (OISCA’s Fiji-Ex Trainees Association) as a local NGO, and are promoting efforts to enhance the activity capacity of self-effort.

Capacity Development/ Rural Development

Children’s Forest Program

Environmental Restoration

Activity Report on Fiji