OISCA Headquarters to Organize CFP Goodwill Ambassadors Program in Japan

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May 23, 2012
In celebration to the 20th Anniversary since the inception of OISCA Children`s Forest Program (CFP), OISCA Headquarters organized the CFP Goodwill Ambassadors Program which was held from May 9 to 20 in Japan.

The two-weeks program was joined by 19 participants consist of (10 CFP students/CFP Goodwill Ambassadors, five CFP school teachers and four CFP Coordinators) who are directly involved in the CFP activities of OISCA in Fiji, India, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand.

Held in the different parts of Japan, the activities of the program were organized to share the CFP activities not only among the participants themselves but among the Japanese people who were involved in the whole duration of the program. Moreover, activities of the program were designed to create an opportunity for the participants to learn from the environmental conservation efforts of the Japanese people almost the same of their age. The activities also encouraged cultural exchange not only among the CFP Goodwill Ambassador participants but also to all the people whom they encountered during the program.

“It was so great to experience a new life in a new environment”, said by Ratu Varayame Tuilakeba, CFP Ambassador from Fiji.

“After visiting the coastal areas affected by the tsunami, I learned that the power of nature is beyond imagination. It can be beautiful and charming than it can also be destructive. Everything has its limit and if you cross that limit it will break and we have to pay. How much can mother earth take? So we should not interfere in nature`s balance and should try to be friendly with it” is the comment of Rajat Agarwal of India after their visit to the project site of OISCA in Natori City, Miyagi Prefecture.

After few days of constantly being together, the participants realized that despite their differences in cultural background, religious beliefs and demographical location, as they were educated and been involved in the environmental conservation and protection of OISCA through the CFP, they are bound to their commitment in saving the earth from further destruction.

The output of the program will be presented at the Rio+20 (the UN Conference on Sustainable Development) which will be held in Brazil this June.

Schedule of Activities

May 10-11 Children`s Forest Program International Conference in National Olympic Memorial Youth Center in Tokyo

May 12 Nikon Plaza Program, OISCA/AEON Joint Program and visit to OISCA Coastal Forest Restoration Program in Miyagi Prefecture

May 14-16 The participants were divided into two; one group went to OISCA Nishi Nippon Training Center in Fukuoka and the other went to OISCA Shikoku Training Center in Kagawa Prefecture to visit, present and report to the CFP supporters

May 18 Visit and presentation to the private companies supporting OISCA in Tokyo

May 19 Study tour in Tokyo, Friendship Exchange Program, meeting with Dr. Yoshiko Nakano and Sayonara Party

May 20 Participants departure from their respective countries