OISCA Global Youth Forum Speech Contest on Biodiversity 2021 Winners List

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Sep 21, 2021

OISCA International Global Youth Forum Speech Contest on Biodiversity and Environmental Conservation 2021 Winners List.

[Children Category]     
Prize AwardeeChapterAgeYouTube URL
First Prize Mr. Chiu Yin Hei Trevor Hong Kong 10 https://youtu.be/H1Pga_BbHCA
Merit Award Ms. Hoshi Mauru Japan 12 https://youtu.be/-fC7yFoLA6Y
Special PrizeMs.PRINCESS MARIE M. FERNANDEZPhilippines11https://youtu.be/sdUHu29_7qE
Special PrizeMs.BHUMIKA KAPOORIndia N12https://youtu.be/xJtNh3upkjs
[Youth Category]     
First PrizeMs.Yody CHANHong Kong13https://youtu.be/SiCFrvYvG0g
Merit AwardMs.Niranjana UdayIndia S14https://youtu.be/BxtdaJzFkHY
Special PrizeMs.Ei ChihiroJapan15https://youtu.be/osJrjncgvpo
[Young Adult Category]     
First PrizeMr.T. BuranbaevHQ (Uzbekistan) https://youtu.be/tTRMYyoeT3c
Merit AwardMs.Nutchaya ThongnunuiThailand19https://youtu.be/UYloTHK8hsA
Special PrizeMs.MEREULA LEWAQONAHQ (Fiji)  
[Extraordinary Category]     
Green Wave-CFP Special PrizeMs.Fera AgusferaniIndonesia https://youtu.be/EckWdMn1I5s
Special Prize for the Best CommunicatorMs.Abhijay KuttasserySouth India12https://youtu.be/d56juj2bGj8
Special Prize for the Best CommunicatorMs.Ei ChihiroJapan15https://youtu.be/osJrjncgvpo
Special Prize for the Best CommunicatorMs.Santhra SureshSouth India18https://youtu.be/-cq4tP_LMiM
Special Prize for the Best CommunicatorMr.Oyama RyoyaJapan25https://youtu.be/eQiK9uq2g0Y

What is the Global Youth Forum (GYF)?

Since 1976, OISCA International, in cooperation with the United Nations, government agencies, youth organizations, and other organizations, has been organizing the Global Youth Forum (GYF) in various countries in the Asia-Pacific region as an opportunity for young people to exchange opinions and cooperate for sustainable social development.

What is OISCA Speech Contest on Biodiversity? 

May 22 is the International Day of Biodiversity. All living things on the earth are directly or indirectly connected to each other in a wide variety of ways. Our lives are also supported by the blessings of this diversity.OISCA Ingternational has started accepting applications for speeches on biodiversity and environmental conservation initiatives for youth and young adults as an opportunity to think about what we can do to protect biodiversity and pass it on to the future.
More than 500 applications from 14 countries.

  • Organizer: OISCA Japan, OISCA International
  • Sponsored by: Tokyu Hotels Co., Ltd., C.H.C. System Co., Ltd., I.M.A. Corporation
  • Cooperation: Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, Lion Corporation
  • Supported by: United Nations Environment Programme, Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity
Message by the Executive Secretary, UN CBD Secretariat