Coordinators Training led to the Strengthened Ties between OISCA-Thailand and OISCA-Cambodia

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Feb 16, 2012Mr. Chhroung Sovanna and Ms. Keng Sinon, CFP Coordinators of Cambodia underwent almost one-month of training in Surin, Thailand from January 11 until February 8, 2012.

Hosted by OISCA-Thailand, the one-month hands-on training focused on sharing and imparting the learned experiences and activities of OISCA-Thailand from its 19 years of implementing CFP and educating children in terms of environmental conservation and protection to Mr. Sovanna and Ms. Sinon.

“I got interested in the activities of OISCA Thailand of not only planting trees in within the CFP School but also integrating sustainable agriculture in CFP activities,” said CFP Cambodia Coordinator Chhroung Sovanna. OISCA Thailand has been procuring rice and vegetables seeds and providing skill training in rice and vegetable cultivation, compost-making and small-scale livestock farming. Aside from involving the students in sustainable agriculture, the above activities try to impart the self-sufficiency among the students.

Coordinators from Cambodia gained first-hand insight in activities of OISCA-Thailand that aim to hone the leadership skills and encourage the involvement of the students in environmental conservation. These activities include commemorative tree planting (often done during special days like Love Green Day, Children`s Day), nature game, drawing, cloth dying, sewing and recycling.

Other than the usual CFP activities, Mr. Sovanna and Ms. Sinon realized the importance of networking and tying up with other organization for the implementation of CFP.

Equipped with all these learning, the CFP Coordinators is looking forward for the actual implementation of the acquired skills and experiences from the training in Thailand.

Mr. Sovanna underwent agriculture training in OISCA Nishi Nippon Training Center in Fukuoka, Japan. He introduced CFP in Kampong Cham Province in 2009 and since then he has been participating to the CFP Coordinators Training organized by OISCA for the purpose of improving further the CFP activities in Cambodia.

Aside from CFP activities, OISCA used to have mangrove reforestation project in Mangrove National Park in Pream Krassop, Koh Kong Province in Cambodia.