【Short Film】Eco-system Based Solution: Answer to Creating Resilient Communities

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OISCA as a non-profit organization has been working with these communities to increase their resilience to disaster through Eco-System Based Solution. The support of our individual and company donors, volunteers, and members enables us to do these core activities:

1. We rehabilitate, reforest, and restore denuded ecosystems for a cost-effective and sustainable way to mitigate disasters.

2. Locals are provided with jobs as projects caretakers, and the availability of income improves the disaster-coping capacity of communities.

3. We educate and engage children in these efforts, with an aim that they will be proactive adults who are aware of the relevance of working with nature and not against it; and

4. Local farmers and youths are trained on eco-friendly practices of food production. Our ultimate goal is for people across the world to mutually exist and prosper in harmony with nature. Our more than 60 years of working experience on the ground, the collective efforts, holistic, and action-oriented approach of harnessing the power of nature is proven to be cost-effective and sustainable measure in addressing global issues of disasters.

Implementation of our project is impossible without the generous supports from various donors, including COSMO Eco Card Fund.

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