Courtesy call of President Etsuko Nakano to Ambassador Mylene Garcia-Albano at the Philippine Embassy in Tokyo

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March 19, 2024

The OISCA International president, Ms. Etsuko Nakano, met with Her Excellency Mylene Garcia-Albano, the first woman Ambassador of the Philippines, in Tokyo on March 19, 2024. Together with Vice President Yasuaki Nagaishi and Director Kiyomizu Toshiharu of the OISCA Kansai Training Center, the president discussed how OISCA`s more than 60 years of presence in the Philippines have contributed to its development.

Ms. Nakano mentioned that in the late 1960s, when Japan was still on the path of recovering, OISCA had already dispatched a number of Japanese experts, including Mr. Kiyomizu, to the Philippines. During the discussion, it was emphasized that the OISCA training centers were established to improve food production and empower and promote self-reliance among the youth. 

Most of the graduates of the OISCA training program contribute to agricultural development in rural areas, while some receive further training at training centers and partner companies of OISCA in Japan. Based on OISCA`s data, the total number of Filipino youths, including the technical intern trainees that have undergone or are undertaking training in Japan, has the highest number.

When the Ambassador asked what the reason was behind it, Vice President Nagaishi answered that it was due to the Filipinos industrious nature and capacity to adapt to a new environment.

Meanwhile, when shown the before and after images of the reforestation project in Aritao, Nueva, the ambassador, who happened to be the wife of the current governor of the neighboring Isabela province, mentioned how they frequently passed through the site. She said that OISCA may consider extending its project to their province as well.

The ambassador was in awe at how OISCA was able to produce over 90% of the domestic silk. She mentioned that one of the Philippine senators was interested in silk, and it would be great if she could connect us with the politician.

At present, with the support of the Japanese government, OISCA is replicating the sericulture project in various areas, including Mindanao. 

At the end of the meeting, Ambassador Albano expressed her gratitude to OISCA for the programs that improve the quality of life of the Filipino people.