OISCA Natori Office Organized Training in Preparation for the Kickoff Tree Planting Activity on April 28

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Apr 24, 2014

In preparation for the scheduled tree planting activities along the coastal area of Natori City this spring, OISCA Natori spearheaded the training on the correct and effective way of planting black pine seedlings among the 30 participants who are members of the Natori Coastal Forest Association (local farmers and tsunami survivors), Forest Owner`s Cooperative Association of Miyagi Chuo and members of the Sendai City Forestry Adviser Association on the 21st of April.

In collaboration with the disaster victims, local and national government, forest experts and companies, OISCA is taking the initiative to rehabilitate the 100 hectares coastal forest area damaged by the March 11 tsunami in Natori City. This year, starting on the 28th of April until last week of May, a total of 75,000 black pine seedlings and 270 broad leaf species of seedlings will be planted in the 3 meter high artificial mounds with an area of 15 hectares.

“Ensuring the survival of the soon to be planted seedlings is a business that we have to take seriously. The limited time of planting season and the harsh weather and poor soil condition are apparently the great challenges that we are facing”, was the statement of Mr. Kochi Sasaki, the in charge to the project in Natori. Moreover, Mr. Sasaki emphasized that the seedlings are very valuable and that they could not take the risk of high mortality because of improper handlings.

Somehow, the above matters are the reasons why there is a strong need to invest in molding professionals who will be in charge in growing and maintaining the planting area. These professionals are expected to guide and assist the 500 selected volunteers who will participate in planting the 1 hectare area on the 24th of May.




Participants of the training during the actual tree planting demonstration at the planting site

Mr. Sasaki Kochi and the participants of the training at the OISCA Natori Office

Mr. Sasaki showing the proper handling of seedlings grown in the containers.