ECO-CAMP 2012 IN DEMAK (Green Economy:Does it include you?)

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Jul 17, 2012


To commemorate World Environment Day, OISCA Alumi Association of Demak conducted a 2-day eco-camp on June 19-20, 2012.  The event was held at 2 Baleromo Elementary School at Dempet Subdistrict in Demak Regency.  There were 9 elementary schools and 2 senior high schools that joined in this event with a total of 106 participants.

Activities for two days include environmental lectures, nature games, dramatic presentations and drawing contest.  A symbolic tree planting was held on the first day during the opening ceremony which was opened by the head of Demak Regency Office of Environment.  It was followed by lectures on waste management, biodiversity and mangrove program of OISCA in line with the global theme. 

This was the second eco-camp event carried out by OISCA Demak with the first camp held at Bedono Village where the mangrove program is implemented.  For this year, it was moved to a farming village so that children from Bedono could experience life away from the coast.  Three elementary schools from Bedono sent their groups for the eco-camp.  It was the first time for them to mingle with children from a farming community and learn about environemnt.  Children from Baleromo Village were also able to listen the importance of coastal planting because it was something they have never heard of.  They voiced their interest by wanting to visit Bedono Village one day and observe costal life as well as learn more about mangrove trees.

This event was held in cooperation with Office of Environment, Office of National Political Unity & Community Protection and the Land Office of Demak Regency.  Environmental mentors were volunteer students from 1 Dempet Senior High School and Qodiriyah Harjowinangun Islamic High School.  These students were trained by members of OISCA Demak for three days on eco-camp management and how to conduct nature games.  

Overall, the event with on smoothly and our thanks to Dunlop Team Enasave for the sponsorship.

AEN/July 17, 2012