Inauguration of rain water harvesting project, India

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30 OCTOBER 2021


W. H. Smith Memorial School has been associated with OISCA International, Japan since 2017 and is constantly working towards the conservation and sustainable environment by undertaking several projects by involving students and parents. In collaboration with OISCA, and understanding the importance of replenishment of ground water, our school has taken a great initiative in implanting Rain Water Harvesting system in the school premises near the neem tree.
On 30th October 2021, Rain Water Harvesting Project was inaugurated by Prof. Chandana Halder (Ex Dean Dept. of Zoology, B.H.U.) along with Principal Dr. Anita Pauline Dey and Administrative officer, Mrs. Pratyasha Mukherjee.
Rain Water Harvesting in the school is a simple rooftop method in which the tank holds the capacity of water up to 25,000 liters. This project was completed in 2020, already collection of water has started as 2 monsoon seasons are over.
The tank is divided into 2 compartments with 75% and 25% water capacity respectively. There is 120 feet deep open boring through which water will go into the ground water table. 75% water capacity tank will be used for collection of rain water which will finally go into the 25% water capacity tank. The floor of this tank is made of concrete but 12 feet thick walls are made of bricks so that more water is absorbed and replenish the underground water table.
Water purifying machine will be installed in the tank of 25% water capacity so that extra water can be used for gardening and toilets.