OISCA 4 Training Centers Collaboration Summit, Japan

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On January 28, 2023

OISCA’s 4 Training Centers (Chubu-Nippon, Nishi-Nippon, Shikoku, and Kansai) held an exchange meeting for strengthening cooperation with former trainees in Japan, at OISCA Nishi-Nippon Training Center. The theme of the meeting was “contribution to SDGs by Foreign Trainees who learned in Japan”, and case studies were reported by former trainees visiting Japan. About 150 participants, including members of the Nishi-Nippon Branch and local supporters of the Center, listened to presentations of alumni who are now active in their home countries after graduating from the Center and challenges they face locally.

   The presentation was held as a public program of OISCA’s 4-Center Collaboration Summit, and this time visiting trainee alumni from Cambodia and Mongolia, who are supporting OISCA activities locally, respectively, were invited. In addition, a video report was presented from Myanmar.

   Mr. Daghayam Zagdragchaa from Mongolia, who studied at the Nishi-Nippon Training Center for a year starting in 2016, is now working as an Agricultural Researcher at the Agro Park in Salanzadgad City, Omnogovi Province. He is engaged in agricultural development in the harsh environment of the Gobi Desert. Facing challenges such as the effects of climate change and the exodus of labor to other industries, he said he is eager to develop new technologies and hopes to try rice cultivation for the first time in the Gobi Desert.

   Mr. Chhourng Sovanna of Cambodia, on the other hand, introduced his own failed attempts to enter the business sector, saying that it is essential for OISCA to develop its activities. In response to his report, one participant of the audience suggested that OISCA members create a system to support entrepreneurship.

   This is the third summit of its kind, and next year the Shikoku Training Center and the Shikoku Branch will assume the role of secretariat.