OISCA to Start Full-Fledged Tree Planting in Miyagi Disaster-hit Coastal Area

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Apr 3, 2014

OISCA and the Association for the Coastal Forest Restoration in Natori City, a body formed by the disaster-affected local farmers, are carrying out an ambitious project to restore the seashore forest which was seriously damaged by the unprecedented tsunami of the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011. The project is aimed at planting about 500,000 seedlings of black pine and other trees at a 100-hectare site along the Natori coast up until 2020.

OISCA and the Association have decided to start in April planting seedlings of black pine and other species now steadily growing at the OISCA nurseries, in the coastal area where the land improvement and mound building works have been completed by the government. On May 24, a large-scale tree-planting event will be held at the project site with the participation of about 500 people including high-ranking officials from the national and local governments, and representatives from forestry business and other organizations.

In February, 2014, OISCA and the Association concluded an agreement for tree planting with Miyagi Prefecture and Natori City, which own 89.98 hectares of the proposed project site. As for the area covering 2.91 hectares owned by the national government, a separate agreement was concluded on February 28 with the Sendai District Forest Office of the Forestry Agency.

The total expense of the project is estimated to be at least 1 billion for the 10-year period. So far, OISCA has received donations amounting to over 300 million from Japanese and foreign private companies, various organizations and individual supporters. From now, OISCA intends to further intensify the fund-raising campaign.


The seedlings grown in OISCA Nursery at Natori City

The planting site along the coastal area of Natori City

An image of the damaged coastal forest in Natori City