A Symposium Organized to Report the Progress of the Coastal Reforestation Project in Natori City

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Mar 10, 2014

A symposium was organized in Natori City`s Performing Arts Center on February 22 to report the development of the Coastal Reforestation Project of OISCA in Natori among the 150 participants who are mostly the tsunami victims, including Mayor Isoo Sasaki  as well as the company representatives who have been supporting the project.

Through the organized panel discussion, power point slides and speeches of the various stakeholders, the concept of the project, its importance and the need for its immediate and further support were given emphasis. Moreover, the members of the Association for the Coastal Forest Restoration in Natori (tsunami survivors who are subcontracted to grow and nurture the black pine seedlings to be planted in the 100 hectares coastal area) explaining the objectives of the project as well as sharing their experiences to the project helped in the promotion of the project.

The understanding of the locals of Miyagi to the project was further deepened as they joined in the actual project site visit the next day. Joined by at least 60 participants, most of them expressed their interest in joining the scheduled tree planting activities on May 24 this year.

Ms. Anne Thomas, an English teacher and a resident of Sendai who have joined the site visit on the 23rd of February is now helping in the promotion of the project. She wrote an essay about her experience and sent it to her friends who are living in the different parts of the world. She even adopted the project`s concept and used it as a theme in her adult class in Natori.


OISCA intends to further lobby and promote the project so that there will be more Ms. Thomas who could understand and help in echoing the project.


The organized symposium in Natori City

The participants of the tour visiting the OISCA nursery where the black pine seedlings are grown in pot containers.

The participants of the actual project site tour in front of the OISCA nursery

Tsunami survivors explaining to the other local victims the activities of the project