“Towards a Sustainable Ecology” Bringing Afro-Asian Experts Together for Our Common Future

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Aug 16, 2012

While humanity’s ecological bases are being destroyed with escalating speed, African and Asian communities, who are 1) especially vulnerable to the transforming environment, yet 2) promising sources to build the much needed alternative, sustainable ethos are scarcely informed of this situation. OISCA has sought to address this irony by co-publishing a book, which Senior Researcher Yukio Kamino co-edited with a renowned leader of the Asia-Africa movement, Professor Darwis Khudori (Indonesia/France).  http://bandungspirit.org/spip.php?article67

The book, “TOWARDS A SUSTAINABLE ECOLOGY: Global Challenges and Local Responses in Africa and Asia,” is 279 pages long and includes over two dozen articles by authors from 16 countries. Dr. Kamino edited the first of its two sections, named ENVIRONMENT, compiling papers by 15 authors from 9 countries (China, Finland, Japan, Kenya, Lesotho, Malaysia, Nigeria, South Africa, and Vietnam). The book is enthusiastically supported by the University of Brawijaya (Indonesia), the first Indonesian university to establish an institute for ‘South-South cooperation.’ Ecology being a trans-disciplinary issue par excellence, leaders of over 10 of the university’s divisions and many young scholars attended the book launching conference with much spirit of celebration and learning.

International Seminar and Sustainable Ecology Book Launching

ENVIRONMENT section authors all squarely face the frightful implications of the accelerating ecological decline since the 20th century, while exploring themes that vary with regards to aspects of life (livelihood, politics, spirituality) and scope of reference (person, society, ecosphere), yet serve to reinforce each other.  http://www.lafriquequiose.com/Ressources/www.lafriquequiose.com/Documents/T.S.E.pdf Dr. Kamino’s contribution, “Ecosphere in Catastrophe: From Globalization to Ethos for Planetary Life,” seeks to convey OISCA’s view on today’s alarming trends, frightful projections for the coming decades, and the most promising approach to counter this unprecedented crisis.

Front and back cover of the 275 pages book.