OISCA to Launch its 30th and Latest CFP Territory in Taiwan

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Mar 28, 2012
OISCA-Taiwan Chapter spearheaded by President Chen, Chiung Sung launched the fist Children Forest Program (CFP) school in Fuan Junior High School in Taipei on the 23rd of March. A commemorative tree planting activity was held and graced by Mr. Toshihiro Nakano, Executive Vice-President of OISCA International and Mr. Funihiro Okada, Counselor of OISCA Japan. The launching ceremony was witnessed and participated by 200 participants including the students, teachers and management staff of Fuan Junior High School and members of the OISCA-Taiwan Chapter.

Started in 1991, OISCA has been implementing CFP to the 30 countries and territories including Taiwan. Covering several provinces of Taiwan, OISCA-Taiwan Chapter is aiming to educate the school children the importance of importance of environmental conservation and protection through involving them in the actual tree planting in the school vicinity and organizing seminar workshops tackling the roles that they need to perform to protect the environment from further destruction.

Since its establishment in 1973, OISCA-Taiwan Chapter has been working on the promotion of sustainable agriculture thereby supporting the OISCA International`s mission of sustainable development. With its 250 individual members and 27 corporate members, OISCA-Taiwan Chapter is organizing annual tree planting activity for the promotion of environmental conservation and protection.