Memorandum of Understanding Signed Between the OISCA International and Fiji`s Ministry of Youth and Sports

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Feb 14, 2013

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between OISCA International and Ministry of Youth and Sports on the 25th of January in the Embassy of Fiji in Japan. Signed between Dr. Yoshiko Nakano and His Excellency Ambassador I,U. Mataitoga representing the government of Fiji, the MOU aims to foster a spirit of mutual friendship and understanding to promote community development as an integral part of the socio-economic well being of the Fijian people.

For five years, both parties agreed on the dispatch of agricultural experts in Fiji to provide technical and other educational opportunities to organize courses and training including organic farming, farm management and community development skills to further empower the youths.

Since 1990, OISCA in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and Sports has been working to provide training in sustainable agriculture through hands-on experience among the youths of Fiji. A total of 600 youth trainees have graduation from the program since its inception and have received further training in Japan.

Other activities of OISCA in Fiji include the Children Forest Program and environmental conservation projects including mangrove and rehabilitation of corals. The Children Forest Program aims to provide environmental education among the school children through actual tree planting activities supplemented with environmental conservation related workshops/seminars. Since 1992, within the Viti Levu, a total of 59 schools were covered under the program.

Meanwhile, since 1993, a total of 149 hectares of mangroves forest have been gradually recovered in cooperation with the local villagers of Viti Levu. The 38 coral reef rehabilitation sites of OISCA in Coral Coast and Ra Province are mostly declared as marine sanctuary by the local government of the villages.



President Nakano (right) and Ambassador Isikeli Mataitoga during the MOU signing.