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Developing initiatives to sustainably protect forests through the use of trees

   OISCA Japan is promoting awareness-raising activities using “wooden SDGs badges” as one of its programs for sustainable forest conservation. We believe that the badges will help expand awareness and understanding of the SDGs and by choosing wood instead of metal, we believe we can contribute to the promotion of the use of domestic timber and ultimately the revitalization of mountain village communities.

   Tokyu Hotels Co., Ltd., which is engaged in forest conservation activities in Tabayama Village, Yamanashi Prefecture, together with OISCA, has created SDGs badge using wood from thinning in the village as part of its efforts to emphasize sustainable use of forest resources through tree planting, nurturing and maintenance activities. The badge is currently worn by employees throughout Japan.

   Moreover, Isuzu Motors Limited, which is collaborating in the “Mt. Fuji Reforestation Project”, uses badges made from timber from the Fuji North Foothills as a tool to raise awareness of the SDGs and sustainability among its employees. The small badge has expanded into a large circle through collaborative partners.

 Appropriate use of domestic timber promotes the forest cycle of “plant→grow→harvest→use→plant” and can contribute to the promotion of forestry and the control of global warming. Through the badge, we will continue to convey the concept of forest conservation through the utilization and use of forest resources, and will continue to propose a variety of initiatives that will accompany the practice of forest conservation.