Resumption of OISCA Training Activities in Japan

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Due to the COVID-19 that has been going on worldwide since the year before last, overseas trainees have not been able to come to Japan. Recently, for the first time in two years, about 25 trainees from 11 countries (Bangladesh, Fiji, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Mongolia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, East Timor and Uzbekistan) gathered at OISCA’s 3 training centers located in Aichi, Kagawa and Fukuoka Prefectures to participate a training program focusing on organic farming.

One of the noteworthy features of this year’s participants is the one trainee from Timor-Leste came to Japan for the first time in many years, and that the first trainee from Uzbekistan, where OISCA is currently implementing a greening project to prevent desertification joined the training program. They are now undergoing basic Japanese language study.

On May 28, there will be an online event with the participation of the trainees linking the 3 training centers. In the event, the trainees will be interviewed about their life and activities at the centers. There will be a Q & A session. Please note that the online event will be conducted in the Japanese language only. Those who would like to participate in this Zoom, please apply beforehand to the below.

Trainee from Uzbekistan (center front) and from Timor-Leste (right in front)